You can’t make me come out


By artist and filmmaker Bill Domonkos

A little drawing of my sweet Magnus. It’s probably the last one for a bit, as the move is now upon us. The interwebs are going to be spotty, too… But not in a good way, like my kitty. Not at all!

Just a little sketchy-sketch of my Magnus— but I kind of love this, how the blanket looks like the surf or wings… Who knows, maybe someday it’ll be a painting.
My internet has been off and on (middle of moving and all of that) so if you send me a note & I don’t get back to you right away, don’t take it personal, things are just hectic :)
PS: Magnus is still doing pretty good on the new (for dogs) medicine. He is starting to get a little sicker, but it’s almost easy to forget when he’s doing well that this is terminal- all we can do is slow it down & give him a good life while he’s here. Prayers and good thoughts are always appreciated for my sweet boy. Love you!

I was working on this illustration of a dream I had, which was in the woods… But I’m so bad at painting woods, there are no words. Which is not a big deal, except I’ve got a commission for, yes—that’s right- you guessed it: a woods scene! Boy am I in trouble! Well, whatever, I’m sure you’ll hear me crying about it in a month or so when my new studio is set up & I’m attempting to paint it. In the meantime, have a bird doodle!



Rebloggate chiudendo gli occhi, immaginate la stella ed esprimente un desiderio.

life of a shooting star

Easier said than done, but worth the effort.

Prayers for new beginnings.

This was going great until he rolled over.

But only sometimes.

We have bought a 100 year old house and are now in process of some remodeling — plumbing, floor refinishing, painting, clean-up…
This is just a general descriptor, because there’s nothing like refreshing an old home to run through your savings, max out the credit card and give you SO many surprises that soon you’re hiding in the coal room in the basement, wishing that McMansions were really your thing and why oh why did you have to fall in love with an antique home?!?

PS: but it’s super-cool that we have a coal roam! Yay!

"When the Angels watch, & the Devil laughs, that’s when you’ve hit REAL trouble!"
Something a friend said

I forgot to post the finished sun-catcher for you to see— Well, here it is, ready to hang in our new home & spread happy hippy rainbow vibes. Good stuff!

The normal treatments for kitty heart failure have stopped working for the Gallump, so now the vet (the very amazing Dr. Lake-Bakaar) has decided to try an experiment— one, more aggressive drug, to make his heart pump harder, & another drug, made for dogs (!), to keep water out of his lungs. This has only been tried twice before, it has some real risks, & it has not actually worked before… But, it’s also the last frontier for medicine, so it’s worth a shot.
Please, wish him luck :)
In other news, as per usual, that tail just never stops moving, & I find that very reassuring indeed.


This is a lion making a kill in the wild. I know it’s very graphic but I think it’s important to show just how brutal nature can be.