I forgot to post the finished sun-catcher for you to see— Well, here it is, ready to hang in our new home & spread happy hippy rainbow vibes. Good stuff!

The normal treatments for kitty heart failure have stopped working for the Gallump, so now the vet (the very amazing Dr. Lake-Bakaar) has decided to try an experiment— one, more aggressive drug, to make his heart pump harder, & another drug, made for dogs (!), to keep water out of his lungs. This has only been tried twice before, it has some real risks, & it has not actually worked before… But, it’s also the last frontier for medicine, so it’s worth a shot.
Please, wish him luck :)
In other news, as per usual, that tail just never stops moving, & I find that very reassuring indeed.


This is a lion making a kill in the wild. I know it’s very graphic but I think it’s important to show just how brutal nature can be.


Between packing, getting our new home ready, & cuddling with the gallump, I’m not getting a lot of art done. But the cuddling seems super important, especially since he is so sick. It’s really hard, knowing I’ll loose him soon. He’s been my only “studio kitty”—in other words, so charming he willed his way into my special space, & my heart. Everything is so up & down with him— yesterday he romped, a tiny bit, but today he’s getting worse… Heartbreak City, Baby. Heartbreak City.

A not very flattering, but unfortunately rather true to life, portrait of a woman in my “neighborhood”. It’s not much of a neighborhood. More like a collection of homeowners, individually doing their nails and watching tv. Everyone is so damned entitled, with their SUVs and non-sustainable lifestyles. God, after 6 years of this I can’t wait to move!

My kitty is home from the vets, tired & subdued, but still with us. His poor heart- it’s only working at 50%, so I don’t know if he will be romping again. But we are just so glad to have him home. Hopefully pretty soon he’ll be feeling better enough to get into trouble in the studio, rather than hide under the drafting table :) That will be a good moment.

At the emergency vets, again, in what I’m coming to think of as the crying room. There’s always a box of tissue available, but no grandma to comfort you. Really, that needs to be added to the service.

I’m sorry for my silence here-major life changes have been afoot in my life, & now Jeff & I are moving! Every moment has been spent house hunting or packing but tonight I pulled out the crystals to make suncatchers with (so fun!)… I always do this when I move, & it always feels like a bit of optimistic magic, to make strands of color for windows that I don’t live with yet. Well, anyways, it seems to work, because I always end up in the best places :)
I’ve been missing you, my tumblr friends & family- love to you all, hope your worlds are good, too.

I spent a few hours on the phone with a distraught friend earlier. It’s good to have someone you can ring at 2 am who will always answer the phone!

It’s been storming tonight, starting with hail! I went outside and watched the lightning & played in the gutter, which was like a little river. It was delicious having the water sweep over my feet. I tried to sketch the storm for you, but at best what I’ve got right now is a study… I always forget how time consuming storms are until I’m working on one (self-preservation, I suppose)! But I’m going to try again very soon- until then I leave you with this piece by Turner, who is always something of a hero to me, but especially so at this moment!

The other night we had an insane storm! It was awesome! I sat outside trying to capture it and also keep my iPad from getting soaked. The next morning there were branches everywhere.

The other night I released a bag of ladybugs for my container garden. That next morning I sat outside with my coffee, watching them mill about on the plants, getting into my hair & congregating in the crevices of the sage. Fortunately none decided to swim in the coffee. Somehow I doubt that caffeine is very good for ladybugs :)

Happy 4th of July!

The hiding spot

My Spotticus decided that the #dollhouse is the perfect place to hang out. Now I only have 3 months to get the #cat hair out of it. I’m doomed!